Alpine (Snow Load)

Alpine Build Sheet(PDF)

Building Structure:

  • Prefabricated construction
  • 0.6 ACQ pressure treated foundation grade wood
  • Fire resistant concrete siding
  • Additionally Insulated for High altitude locations
  • Increased structural design for high snow loads
  • Polyurethane floor coating for durability and ease of maintenance
  • Skylight for toilet room
  • ADA approved toilet room fixtures
  • Automatic night time LED lighting
  • Choicedeck™ wood/ polymer decking and ramp for durability
  • 2400 psi machine grade wood

Composting System

  • Phoenix public facility composting toilet
  • Automatic re-spray pump
  • Positive vent system

Photovoltaic System

  • Photovoltaic panels for stand alone operation
  • High amperage hour long life batteries
  • Smart Charge Controller

Rainwater System

  • High capacity rainwater catchment cistern
  • Cistern pump that provides pressurized water

Temperature Control

  • Solar collector incorporated inside roof to maintain basement temperatures during cold weather

Vandal Resistance

  • Lexan™ covered Photovoltaic panels
  • Vandal resistant fiberglass wall panels
  • Composting toilet automatic fire suppression system
  • Recessed lighting


  • Closet for storage of maintenance supplies
  • Maintenance sprayer for pressurized water
  • System controller with a visual interface for automatic operation and energy efficiency

Does Not Include

  • Transportation of building to the building site, and the crew to and from the building site.
  • Any and all permits and/or permissions relating to the transportation, assembly, and operation, of the structure at the building site.
  • Modifications to the base building.

Additional Services

  • Site Visit and Analysis
  • Delivery, Installation and Training